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Clean Water Act
Step 8: Tool Kit
Legal Tools

Review tools that will assist you in developing a strategy to address the problems in your watershed.

GreenLaw has created a comprehensive guide to assist you in understanding all of the laws that impact your community - not just the Clean Water Act - and how to organize to clean up your neighborhood.
A list of definitions for many useful environmental terms.
View a document that gives a summary of Georgia's laws on construction activities.
In addition to building a strong body of information about your watershed, you may want to build a small clean water law library.
In addition the Clean Water Act, there are a number of laws, regulations, and ordinances at the federal, state, and local levels designed to protect and restore the quality of water where you live.
Become familiar with the watershed protection "speak."
Contacts in the Environmental Protection Division.
Request letter to use to request access to open records.
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