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  • Congressional Research Service Reports  This site aids in law and policy research, with links to news, environmental resources and education programs.  Nonpartisan environmental reports are written by nationally recognized experts.


  • FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) was enacted to provide citizens access to federal agency records and information, except for the records that are protected by nine exemptions and three exclusions of the FOIA.  Therefore, each federal agency, such as U.S. EPA is responsible for responding to its requests.   However, states create their own statutes governing access to records held by state and local governmental agencies, and FOIA does not grant access to the records of state, local and private entities. 

o       General Guidelines
This website gives citizens a general overview of the Act and offers advice on how to make a FOIA request.

o       EPA FOIA
The U.S. EPA FOIA Office provides a link to the electronic EPA FOIA request form by clicking on “Submit a FOIA Request.” 


      This page provides links to the plain English guide to the Clean Air Act, the RCRA Orientation Manual, and the Safe Drinking Water Act History, in addition to the U.S. Code, the Federal Register, and major Environmental Laws.



State and Regional

  •   Georgia Open Records Act is state law, which mandates that virtually all records of state agencies are allowed to be viewed by the public, and

o       The text can be located at Open Records Act.

o       The Georgia First Amendment Foundation has written a Guide to help citizens navigate requests for records under the Georgia Open Records Request at


  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR)



  • Public Notices and click on “Events, Calendars, Notices and Announcments.”


The GA River Network references excellent resources and offers suggestions on starting up a not-for-profit organization.  Click on “Resources & Tools” and scroll down for suggestions on membership, meetings, bylaws, etc<> 


  • The Georgia Center for NonProfits has great resources on how to start and run a nonprofit.



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