Using the Advice and Assistance of Legal Advisers for Your Transport Business

Appointing a team of legal advisers for your transport business is often a good decision. One of the chief areas in which your legal team will be able to advise and assist you is regarding employment. Here are a few ways in which competent transport solicitors may be of help to you regarding employment-related matters.

Drafting contracts of employment – The relationship between the employer and employee is presented in the written contract of employment. The objective of the contract is to provide details of this relationship and specify the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee.

It is necessary that the contract has the terms and conditions of employment presented in a manner in which you want it. It is, after all, to protect the business interests that you need to create this contract. Without legal help for creating this contract, you run the risk of facing breach of contract related claims.

Handling layoffs and redundancies – Difficult economic times may require a transport firm to reduce their workforce considerably. In such a circumstance, legal advice and guidance are necessary to ensure that the reason for dismissal and the procedure of dismissal is legal and fair. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing unfair dismissal claims.

Responding to Employment Tribunal hearings – If an employee makes a claim to the Employment Tribunal and there is a pending hearing, you need help from your legal team. The transport laws in the UK are continuously changing; so are the employment laws. It is, therefore, necessary that you have legal assistance to handle these proceedings.

It is better if the legal team working for your transport business has a lawyer specializing in employment-related matters. For example, if you include proficient unfair dismissal lawyers in the in-house legal team, they will be able to handle all claims and hearings related to dismissal related legal issues.

Assessing the impact of TUPE – TUPE or Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment aims to protect employees in certain circumstances; for example, when a business is sold or when the contracts of employment are given over to another business. The impact of TUPE may be applicable if you buy or sell your business.

The ever-changing nature of the laws is what makes it necessary to appoint a team of legal professionals for your transport business. Even if you own or operate a small business, you may need legal advice and assistance at times. However, in such a situation, you may consult a solicitor as and when necessary.

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